Top 3 Lunch Hacks

I’m making this list because I’m tired of Hot Pockets.

Dinner for lunch. 

What’s your favorite dish? (Not to brag too hard but I make an awesome chicken marsala with mashed potatoes.) Take the time to make a double recipe for dinner on your day off and pack a couple days’ worth of lunches in ready to go containers to eat throughout the week. And since it’s your favorite, there’s no way you’ll let it just sit in the fridge!

It’s delivery! 

Delivery options like Postmates and Grubhub have proven marvelously successful. So order a meal from that restaurant you like and have it brought to you! Keep in mind, the drivers are often doing this just to make ends meet and a buck or two tip is a great boon to them.


Salads still don’t get enough love. If you do make a store run for lunches, instead of going to the freezer section, go to produce and grab one of the many all-in-one salad options! Let’s face it, setting aside all the “should’ve, could’ve, would’ve” it feels good to eat a salad. Many are cheaper than those freezer meals, too.

So, what’d you have for lunch?

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