Check Your Mood Day

World Mental Health Day poster with a green ribbon

On Thursday San Diego County celebrated Check Your Mood 2020.   Lining up with the WHO’s October 10th World Mental Health Day, this is a time to raise awareness of mental health issues, and this year carries extra weight. For months we’ve seen rising rates of depression, substance abuse, anxiety and every other mental health…

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Wildfire Preparation for Families with Special Needs

Forest wildfire in San Diego, California

Another record heat wave hit San Diego and with it came fires and evacuations. Now with the chance of Santa Ana winds many communities are reminded to be prepared to leave at a moment’s notice. Are you ready? Risk On Tuesday, the 8th, the county published an article asking residents in the area of the…

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Water Safety

Father holding his son with special needs in a pool

As we continue to lockdown California and spend more of our summer in our small family groups, we’re taking a moment to focus on water safety.

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Anti-Boredom in Lockdown

Bored kid on a couch

What is the cause of the “Summertime Blues,” and is there truly no cure? July is National Antiboredom Month. Usually kids get out of school in June and by July find themselves stir crazy with their free days. This year, however, school ended months earlier and many parents have been stuck home with them. As…

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Nightly Fireworks Fears

Dog scared of the fireworks

Over the past several weeks, in parts San Diego County and across the country, fireworks have barged in on our peace of night. Whether you find it good fun, annoying, or dangerous, some individuals will experience negative effects from the nightly flashes and booms.

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Father’s Day 2020

Silhouette of a family playing at a beach

Not only is Father’s Day around the corner, June is also Men’s Health Month. On average men pay less attention to their health. Combine that with recent events including Covid19 and this Father’s Day makes for the perfect excuse to get out and celebrate the sun. Hundreds of studies show that being outside is great…

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Home School Support for Parents of Kids with Disabilities

Kid hugging his brother

We still don’t know what the “new normal” will look like once all is said and done with the Covid19 crisis. As data continues to change and governments adapt, we still find much of the lives we had built out of reach. One group this most directly impacts is the families with disabled children. Children…

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