Father’s Day 2020

Not only is Father’s Day around the corner, June is also Men’s Health Month. On average men pay less attention to their health. Combine that with recent events including Covid19 and this Father’s Day makes for the perfect excuse to get out and celebrate the sun. Hundreds of studies show that being outside is great for physical and mental health. So don’t just send dad a text message this year and call it done.

Of course, the pandemic is still a concern. Per the CDC, stay home if you are sick, have been recently exposed, or are at high risk. Also follow masking, hand hygiene, and distancing guidelines if going out. Include checking online for what policies a business has in place as part of your planning as well. If your father is stuck at home, there may be a creative way you can serve him like this man did for his parent’s anniversary. Should you be a father and have feelings of isolation or anxiety, please reach out to the San Diego Access and Crisis Line or nationwide you can call 1-800-985-5990 or text TalkWithUs to 66746.


Fortunately for those of us who can go out, opportunities abound in San Diego. Campgrounds are open, including some cabins. There’s golfing, hiking, biking, even a Father’s Day Car Show.

However you choose to celebrate, Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers that make up our community.

By Steven J.
Reviewed by: Heather Hemming

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Steven J.